Mt Ropper / by Ethan Astall

7km trek up Mount Rooper and out to swamp bay.

The beginning of the track your honestly thinking "a croc is for sure going to jump me here", continuing through the over grown track it then heads up the mountain amongst your standard Aussie bush with some awesome grass trees littered through out. Once you get to the top your greeted with a 180 degree view of Shute Harbour and over to Hamilton island. Climbing trees will provide the best view up here. After reading how the rainbow serpent created the land and the ice age flooding once was vast plains and mountains we continued down to swamp bay. Running into cool looking butterflies none of them were keen on a photo shoot :(. Along the way your greeted with a nice little creek crossing and a few trees to duck and weave around. To be honest we expected a beach, but it was more a rocky bay with mangroves. We stayed for a while and then headed back to the car. On the way back with found a super cool caterpillar, hopefully one day he'l turn into a trendy butterfly and all the ladies will want him.

Overall the track is good, views are nice up and down the mountain, super doable for anyone of all fitness levels. It took us 2 hours to do the lot. Wooo