Mt Yamnuska Ridge Loop / by Ethan Astall

Caught up with an old mate from school and trekked up this amazing mountain. Yamnuska sits right on the edge of the rockies giving you views of mountains and long flat plains with lakes.

 Half hour or so casual uphill to get out of the pines you find yourself at the back of the mountain. Bit of rock climbing gets you up onto a trail straight up the back to the start of the ridge. At the top the drop over the edge is crazy vertical, jack wasn't a fan of us wandering near the edge haha. 

From here we looked behind us at what we thought was the peak so we bailed on the trail and scaled straight up to the top. Once there we found this was a false peak and we had to go back down again to get to the actual peak in the distance haha. We pulled up for some lunch and headed back down. 

The trail back to the car park leads you straight under the ridge and the view is amazing. Couple of deer getting about having a chew aswell. The condition of the trail is absolutely horrible though, thank god we didn't go that way to come up.