Kangaroo Valley / by Ethan Astall

Like the first forgotten child in a family of siblings, the kangaroos that live in this valley must surely be fed up with the attention the hairier and fatter Australian native animal in these fields is receiving at night - the true party animal of the valley family, obviously remains the Wombat. Like most people the idea of finding the Australian icon was high on my list, turns out if you want to spot one - Kangaroo valley is the place for you to burrow the dream - with it ranking in as top five spots to see one in Australia.

We pulled up at Bendeela camping reserve around 6pm (ten minutes from Kangaroo valley township itself and only 45 minutes inland from Kiama, NSW)- a free camp, surrounded by mountains with a creek running through it - like me, if you think “i’ll probably be unlucky and won’t see one when I get there”.. then you’re wrong, because you literally can’t miss the giant waddlers - and you won’t miss them at 2 am when their using your van as a scratching post either- but hey…maybe that’s why their not featured on an Australian coin. With more wombats then you could poke a stick at we played with them until 10pm, only to stop for a quick nutritional smoko of mi goreng which I’m sure is better then “gooey, brewy, yummy, chewy, wombat stew!).