Burg Tunnel and Sea Cliff Bridge / by Ethan Astall

Hidden away in the scrub land of Helensburgh sits the glow worm tunnel (optional glow worms depending how deep you go). Take the gum boots also, every bit of run off slop accumulates inside the tunnel not making it ideal for janoskis as shoe preference or birken stocks ladies they won’t cut it.

The Sea cliff bridge has been in a mass amount of ads and now finally seeing it first hand, its not that incredible as the ads make out. But whats a drive along it without scaling the scrub for a photo above as per every travel photographer ever. Youv got to run along the train tracks for a fair while before darting into the bush where you find a spider web like maze of little dirt trails people have made over the past 17 years, until you finally arrive to the magical photo opportunity youv seen on social media.