Read Head and Tin city / by Ethan Astall

Tin city is a little shanty town situated in the dunes of Stockton beach (the biggest sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere). The houses were erected during the Great Depression and since then the dwellings have been handed down within the original families that built them some 80 years ago. The most common way to access tin city is by fourbie but seeing as AceVantura doesn’t posses such capabilities we trotted in via an easement trail on the way to Nelson bay. This isn’t anywhere on the net but if you google maps tincity (not iPhone maps) you can see a no name trail that comes in off the highway to Nelson bay, just park your car off the highway and it’s about 1km of fire trail and 1km through the dunes and takes about 40 minutes one way. There are 7 dwellings to observe all with there own little quirks, sometimes residents will give you a tour and have a yarn, but we were greeted by a cagey red healer who didn’t want a bar of us approaching the owners house. Also pack a lot of water she gets bloody hot out there!!