Glouster Tops / by Ethan Astall

From Barrington Tops you can head back to Glouster and the highway or cut down the mountain and into Glouster Tops National park. Each part of this area harbours different types of rainforest from the top of the mountain to the bottom, Glouster tops being temperate rainforest with a mix of Eucs. The Camp ground is unreal there was no body else there when we were. (gotta bring your own fire wood but, everything is damp anyway if you wanted to flog wood out of the bush). Green curry on the menu and a heated few games of Uno we hit the sack and headed to the falls the next day. Its a 40 minute drive up another mountain to get to the falls once there your informed the falls are closed due to Parks building a new viewing platform, to bad if you planned a day trip out here, by all means though just walk around the barricade and bobs your uncle your at the falls and not injured, stoked!!