Camp Blackman / by Ethan Astall

Like a rat up a drain pipe, if you are travelling  in the Warrumbungles and need somewhere to camp- find yourself in camp blackman. Living on the road means showering everyday is a thing of the past and you tend to appreciate the home comforts like the homeless man you’ve become, so finding a national park camp site smack bang in the middle of nowhere with not only showers, but HOT ones is a soapy dream. 

 Being from Queensland and never needing to keep warm - as it’s most likely 30 degrees anyway, I’ve also found a new appreciation through Ethan’s lumberjack skills to have a fire every night on the road, which takes away using gas, and the effort to prepare things in a confined space, with the added romance of fire and keeping warm while it’s been reaching lows of 1 degree in the bush. So obviously we were stoked to see every site in this park is fully equipped with a fire stove and pit, we set up the pit and put on a cracker curry- before we found the outdoor cinema behind our site not being used and hooked up our own projector we had in the van and put on some all Aussie adventures to top off a fair dinkum good time in the least light polluted, star radiant place in Australia.