Grand High Tops and Mount Ex Mouth Hike. / by Ethan Astall

After conquering the split rock the day before we took to the hiking maps out there which feature about 17 hikes you can tackle in the park  and decided to take on the iconic bread knife and golden high tops which is about 16km return, then decided we also wanted to take on the highest peak (mount exmouth) in order to fully take in where we were. So we combined the two and prepared ourselves for a 32km circuit hike without any knowledge of how elevated the entire thing was, but at least we had enough snacks for the apocalypse in our hiking backpacks. 

The entire trek to the top of breadknife and hi tops is a steady incline - the old “it’s a long way to the top of you want a bread roll” can confirm, no bread rolls to be snacked on at the top, however the views are something that’ll have you speechless, or it may have been the thousand stairs you just walked. 

From there you continue on down the mountain and then back up mount Exmouth which is very soul destroying - climbing down a steep mountain, to then climb up an even steeper mountain at 1.2km of elevation over 2.5kms, but again - absolutely worth it and once you get to the top it’s a vast 500 m of rough terrain looking like a moon scape with high altitude moss growing over the eucalyptus trees, black boys and rocks. With huge wedge tail eagles making their nest and swooping in to check us out on the peak where we had a fine dining experience of Aldis greatest tuna selection and rice cakes.    The Warrumbungles national park peaking - literally and metaphorically.