Midge Point Beach / by Ethan Astall

On the final countdown to hitting the road, we spent the last week of vanervations out at elo’s parents place and headed to Midge point beach, most people’s response when the town is mentioned is “where on earth is that”, the easiest answer is half way between Airlie beach and Mackay, the township still liking to claim the fame of remaining part of the almighty Whitsundays, but there’ll be no “heart of the reef” key-rings found around here.

To find this tropical oasis head south from Airlie beach and you’ll pass many kilometres of Sugar Cane fields, a few bogans fishing off the side of the highway in flooding creeks, you’ll then pass a billboard that says “WELCOME TO RID COUNTRY” (adhere to the warning), then take a wrong turn on the highway left and pass an abandoned resort called Laguna Quays and you’ll find yourself in a sleepy little town the locals would prefer if you didn’t find on the map, but are too busy at the local watering hole to notice your presence.

We spent the week enjoying the last of some glorious motherly home cooked meals with all the trimmings (literally lunch consists of six different menu options, elo’s mum has enough food for the apocalypse and I was not complaining knowing soups and stir frys were about to be daily van staples). In between the family feeding was tweeking last minute things to the van - which turned into hours and days of “things” things to the van.

On van knock off time, we found ourselves on the moon…or a little beach wondering who pulled the plug, checking out the local soldier crabs and sand birds.