Border Ranges National Park Forest Walks / by Ethan Astall

Ready to get some blood pumping through the legs - with many hikes in Border Ranges as researched on the NSW parks apps (great app to look into hikes and keep you on the trail - if you have a hiking history like elo, this is ideal) we opted for the Brindle creek walking track (ignoring our previous experiences of boring return creek tracks), the 6 km trek one way, follows along (as you can put together) Brindle creek, rock hopping over the creek beds and trudging across boarded planks that have been so covered in moss; you'll be gripping your toes on tight to avoid a dip in the icy mountain top waters. Throughout the walk - windows of sunshine peak through the canopy of thick Antarctic Beech Trees that have been here for thousands of years and remind you it’s still daytime outside this fern gully home. If you look down youl find various fungi decomposing tree debris around the ferns on the forest floor.. Once at the end its either 6km back along the winding track we just walked or 7-8km back on the road, we opted for the road. On our walk back we saw some crimson Rosellas darting from tree to tree and a fresh snake skin on a rock.

The rainforest like everywhere else is home to some unTREEl nature, after not seeing much tree things for a few weeks, this place was pretty special. From the huge, ancient gums to the climbing ferns - to the amazing beech trees we found here - which are a species heard to have been when Australia was combined with the rest of the world in Gondwana Land and look like that of a mutated tree species with up to five trunks and covered in moss, they look like their about to grow legs and have a yarn, the forest is so alive!