Hervey Bay / by Ethan Astall

Hervey bay, Queensland - known to backpackers and young 4 WD bogans as a great access point to Fraser island, known to migrating humpback whales as a great place to hang out on the trip north, and mainly known to every senior citizen in Australia above 60 as a great place to play bingo and eventually die, we stopped in to visit Elo’s grandparents and spend some quality time with Noel and Janet, special guest - Aunty Noela and dogs, red dog and pocket dog, also popping by for a visit.

While the rest of the household slept in, we cruised out along the old jetty for a skate which used to be used as a coal transport line and now is used as a senior citizens fishing club - with local jetty patrons fighting for the biggest catch title and even bigger bragging rights (no whales have been harmed in the making of these records). We then set out for a sneaky Hervey bay op shop - Ethan infiltrated the BACK ROOM of the op shop, after sweet talking the old girls and hot gossip on the bay streets is this place is the “OP SHOPPING CAPITAL OF QUEENSLAND”, look - we found some vintage goods, we won’t turn it down.

Asides from the op shopping greatness in the bay, we had a bloody pearler of a time with Nanna and grandad Dickinson - picking their brain about the many laps they have done of Australia in the many, many different vehicles - with ALL the kids on board, the worlds countries they have travelled too, the cruises they have set sail on and all the great characters they have met along the way, if you have questions about the Litchfield family (NT famous) - please forward them to Janet Dickinson or request a book, or any questions on golf, or mining- please forward to Noel Dickinson.