Mt Warning / by Ethan Astall

From The Pinnacle lookout in the west we saw Mt Warning on the eastern side of the volcanic ridge; rising high into the clouds that morning, it looked pretty epic overlooking the coldren of crater beneath the volcanic range that once stood - and was also the basis of a great Australian cartoon movie - Fern gully; based on the perspective of the fairies, bugs and animals that lived within the rainforest floor and their pure despair when humans took to tree lopping their home - also ironic making Ethan watch this movie… with all this in mind, we decided we’d take on the peak the following morning.

We headed for the Mount Warning car park, with the aim to camp their the night before to get up in the darkness and be at peak for sunrise… the hike car park is on an ungodly lean so we decided sleeping there would of been not ideal. We opted for this creek side spot for the night on the main road heading into the hike car park, we had a little fire - with toasted cast iron jaffas for dinner and caught some Z’s for the early wake the next day to hike the mountain for sunrise - although surprisingly were woken many times throughout the night with cars driving passed us, it wasn’t until the next morning we realised why.

We woke up at 5am and drove up to the carpark to find the many cars that had disturbed our sleep had already beaten us to the mountain - which would of had 50+ cars parked there and the people already up the mountain, we couldn’t believe how busy this place was - it was like the people of Brisbane, Byron and Nimbin had organised some pretentious hiking get together for an early morning sesh and follow up eggs benny to follow. Awkwardly driving and reversing the van among the cars in the car park we found a spot and got to it.

The hike is 1.1km of elevation over 4.4 kms which is a pretty good ratio considering the entire walk is man made with stairs and switch backs, as you get higher in elevation the hike begins to feel alot more like dense rainforest, although 100m from the top you will find a scramble rock section which is great fun to get on all fours and scale up or hold onto the chain and awkwardly pull yourself up, you decide. When we were going up the two hundred people of the area seemed to be coming down and the horizon was now covered in clouds, so there wasn’t much of a sunrise, ah well good exercise for the legs and we met some great characters at the top while we shared some quality Aldi $1.49 dates.