Brissy / by Ethan Astall

The stop over in the city was entirely planned in order to catch up with the legends of mates we both had that lived within the concrete jungle; broncos loving, xxxx brewing, Brown snake flowing, Brisbane Queensland. We are both pretty against the idea of staying within a city; thinking of everything you own being in the van at risk of a city lunatic breaking in or constantly being on edge in traffic someone might T bone the vehicle you now call home - we decided we would organize to see the mates as soon as we could and head north.

Trying to organize to see everyone you love around their busy life schedules can be tricky; we first pulled into Goldie to have a quick catch up with the legends Britt and Aaron who gave us home envy of their epic place overlooking Kirra beach and kitten who is more loyal then most dogs, and then headed for Brisbane city for a few days to catch up with Matt and the boys who we shared some xxxx bitters, burritos. yarns and flat out good times with. Before then reviewing Cooperoos finest chicken Parmiagana at the local RSL with the legends Doyle and Cass - because a day of being a cruise attendant deserves a good feed - rating coming in at 7.5/10 (check out @chickenparmapocalypsenow for full review and parma content of Australia), from there we were treated to a backyard fire, many fun yarns, san choy bow and far too much sangria with Shan, Andy, Denzel and Buster.

Amongst the good times with all these legends we scouted out the local Brisbane op shops - can confirm, “tell em he’s dreaming” is an appropriate response to city op shop prices… although the $10 on the roller skates we found was a deal we couldn’t say no too… which then led to an afternoon spent rollerblading and skating through Brisbane botanical gardens, sharing a picnic and indeed Ethan climbing trees, again.