Rainbow Beach / by Ethan Astall

Rainbow beach, located about one and a half hours north of the famous Sunshine coast Queensland (aka Austraia’s biggest frothers and quite frankly over-rated and over populated surfing location), is a quaint little town - home to about 1300 locals maybe 15% being backpackers in rental “WICKED” vans. With approx. 2 people under the age of 30 in Rainbow beach, and these two people happened to be Lukey and Summer - these legends took us under their wing for a few days and showed us about the place. We parked Ace Vantura outside Lukey’s work - EPIC ocean adventures and headed straight for Double island - mostly known to the surfing community anywhere around this great southern land for the longest wave in Australia (when the conditions are right, which isn’t that often - and certainly wasn’t while we were there but hey, still EPIC).

Epic ocean adventures is a small company that runs sea kayak tours - with an “80% chance of seeing dolphins” and a surf school from Double island point - only accessible by 4WD - due to driving approx. 10.6 km along a sandy beach to access the point, this company is run by a local legend who started up the company and now sees Lukey and Summer run the personal tours with groups up to twenty five; in busy periods, such as Summer (the season, not the person).

We woke up on sunrise the first day - jumped in Summers ute and headed for the Teerwah side of Double island to catch some surf, a few feet above our stick level, we watched the guys catch some good waves, while checking out the humpback whales migrating north passing us. Before then heading in for a beach breakfast feast of pancakes, while learning some facts by the local guides themselves - like how Rainbow beach got it’s name “Well ladies and gentleman if you look to the sand dunes on your right of the beach, you’ll see the coloured sands of the dunes, which is the result of deposits of ion oxide which then run down onto the beach during rain periods and the result resembles similar to that of a rainbow”

We were then lucky enough to head out on an EPIC ocean adventure kayak tour with the bushtucker man and legend himself Lukey as guide, we headed off from the point and around the bend - in hopes of sighting some marine life, we spotted a huge Green sea turtle and en route back managed to follow a huge pod of dolphins which weren’t too stoked on our presence (keeping within a 50 m radius, of course).

After a huge day in the ocean, that night we pulled together the camp gear and headed for Inskip point to camp the night - finding a spot amongst the grey nomads was a battle amongst wheelie walkers, but we somehow scored a spot, made a fire and cooked up some baked bean jaffles for all.

The following day we woke up to rain and wind, but the swell had picked up from 1 foot to 2 foot (HUGE) and decided, hell we won’t get this opportunity again to surf a famous Aus wave like this one..jumped in the EPIC ocean adventures troopy on tour and headed back for the point to surf the famous DI point break, Ethan managed to surf the waves of his life - walking up and down the foamies our mates gave us and riding the waves all the way to shore - me being more unsure then shore about the foamie, unable to gauge placement and the use of the board, but hey - EPIC time…none-the-less, we even had some dolphins ride along side us.