Rock Hampton Botanical Gardens / by Ethan Astall

Fringing the border of North Queensland is Rockhampton - BEEF CAPITAL OF QUEENSLAND, or maybe the only thing really going for it to claim (various large cow/bull statues featured throughout town) sits on a river resembling that almost like the brown snake of Brisbane, but maybe dirtier. This Commodore driving and Holden attire wearing locals roam the streets, one particularly interesting character even stopping to give us some local insight that the local Botanic Gardens is a good place for a picnic and the Zoo attached is even FREE, whilst wearing a sparkly tee shirt and proceeding to give us the “shakkas” symbol in the middle of the dusty streets of Rockhampton

Anything free and a good time usually sparks our interest very quickly so after some op shop sticky beaking (minimal finds), we hit the botanical gardens for a little skate about, followed by the Zoo. Look, the idea of keeping animals captive without reason isn’t the greatest- I’m almost certain the chimpanzees there are not being rehabilitated in any way, unless they’re planning on letting them free with the rest of the local monkeys in town. But none the less, the many Australian animals was still a thrill…for five minutes or so, anyway.