Midge Point / by Ethan Astall

Midgepoint, North Queensland, Australia - a true, tropical paradise getaway location. We stopped in to this oasis for a few days to share some mangoes and good times with Stella and Cliffy. Fringing the Great Barrier Reef, but far enough away to have the ocean clarity to that of mud, we were lucky enough to be taken on the famous Midgepoint tour by Stella and Cliffy and be shown the “colourful rocks” - once featured in an RACQ feature page (hot gossip around town), talked of by (minimal) tourists around Australia and only described by Stella studt as a “true phenomenon”.

As always the meal service at Stella and Cliffys Midgepoint Bonnie Doon will have you rolling out the door - a true, feasting experience; featuring freshly caught oysters by (mostly) Clifford Studt and as attempted by Ethan - local knowledge insits you only want Black Lip oysters and not the milky boys, Stella also treated us to what’s now known as Crob loaf (mud crab cob loaf, unbelievable). To top the experience off Clifford and Stella also wrangled a local mud crab for Ethan to experience- a true North Queensland delight. With more local bogan yahoos than salt water crocs, and enough golden mangoes stock for the apocalypse. As always it looks like someone pulled the pin on the ocean here...nope, just low tide 🍺🐊🌴 it’s good to be home, briefly.