Lamberts Mural / by Ethan Astall

Tropical North Queensland, Mackay - humidified warm sunny summers days, followed by humidified warm sunny winters days, with not a great deal to do - the beach is a true blessing. Mackay is surrounded by many beaches, I wouldn’t say they’re great, the ocean colour is often a tinge of off green, the tide normally goes out further then your legs will allow you to walk, the surf only kicks off if a cyclone is about, swimming in summer increases your chance of jellyfish attack by 99% and you have equal chances of tiger shark Attack to salt water crocodile, but hey, it’s good to get out there.

The main beach of Mackay people get there kit off is the harbor, featuring a break wall for spear fishing purposes, skating along it on a trendy cruiser board while posting Instagram videos and of course to keep the boats in the marina, to the left of the harbor is Slade point - or “sladieee” as the local riff raff used to call it, This beach is called Lambert’s - it kicks in some big swell on the right wind and has various epic lookouts for whale watching, picnicing and beer purposes, of course. The newest addition to the Lambert’s lookout is this unreal artwork mural, we spent the arvo up here having a picnic with bardsy and jacinta the legends.