Cape Hills, 40 footer swimming hole / by Ethan Astall

On the way North from Mackay, about twenty minutes from town you’ll find yourself at “the leap” take the right after here towards cape hills borough - well known for the mysterious sunrise kangaroo feeding…I mean viewing (apparently no feeding is involved), anyway - it makes for a pretty special sunrise with the roos hopping about as you look from lush palm filled beaches, while the mountains surrounding you are (apparently) the oldest volcanic systems in Australia, dating back some 34 million years ago.

En the route north, we stopped in to this volcanic oasis, for a quick hike up the hill and onto the beach, before setting down for a classic avocado and feta on 90c crackers lunch. After a cracker morning (literally), we headed out to a local hot spot called forty footer, a little hidden gem that resides on a road heading back to the Bruce highway from cape hills borough, take a turn right that says “kuttabul”, from there you follow it for about 5-10 minutes turn left after the first rail way line, and literally follow a gravel rail way line road until you can’t drive further, from there it’s 2 minute walk to the swimming hole, which features a few Stella swimming holes with a huge rope swing and probably a few locals on the beers.