Mt Sorrow / by Ethan Astall

Sorrow; meaning; a feeling of deep distress or disappointment….just a short drive from cape tribulation and up a steep mountainous climb- you too can find the Daintrees greatest sorrow.

Straight on the fezza and across the river we sailed through the drive along the coast of the Daintree, with Ethan’s head stuck against the windscreen in awe of all the trees. Just past the cape trib look out we found the dicky little sign for the mount sorrow trail head. This trek outline will have you under the assumption the 3.5 km couldn’t surely be to difficult, and with the idea of seeing the Daintree rainforest meeting the great sandy beaches of the barrier reef from a birds eye view - it all seems worth it, at the bottom.

We’d heard (wives tales) of people camping at the top and decided we’d add on a few kilos to our packs by chucking on a tent, litres of water and food for an overnight stay overlooking this magical place. The trek up will have you up and down literally the whole way in elevation and emotions, the real good part is the last kilometre to the top of clambering over root systems and pulling your legs up a steep vertical climb, only to find a 1m x 1 m viewing platform at the peak that is so engrossed in trees surrounding; the view.

However due to our continuous curiosity and this traumatic incline with camping gear on back, then along a barely tracked ridge, only to find there is certainly nowhere to camp as once imagined BUT we found a better (the original lookout), the winds blowing straight in from Antarctica at surely close to cyclone speed, only to turn around and have to stumble down the roots for an hour and a half on strong cassowary watch, with a spot light, in the pitch black.

Well Mount Sorrow - you well and truly live up to your name. But hey, the Daintree doesn’t look so touristy from up here 🐊🌴