Mossman Gorge / by Ethan Astall

The token attraction of Mossman is no doubt the gorge with amazing Aboriginal history they sting you something like $17 return bus to get out to the walking trail. Bugger that, it advises you not to but we walked to the start of the trail which was about 2km on the side of the road. The trail is a 3.1km loop trail, with lots of goat tracks heading into the creeks. Amongst the amazing rain forest we spotted a little diamond python and some wild pigs as well as some wild tourists. Amazed by the strangler figs I climbed every one i could, they are massive in there. Near the end of the trail elo took a dip in one of the creeks before some foreign tourists ruined our serenity.

Upon reaching the car park the bus driver pulled up being highly extroverted saying “have a good walk and a good day” to the patrons getting off, so i took advantage of this and we hopped on “gday mate! aww that walk is amazing” “aww yes did you have a good morning in there” completely oblivious to the fact we hadn’t payed in the first place, were learning quickly to just fake it until you make it.