Bowen / by Ethan Astall

Legend would have it, this place used to be called BLOWEN, but the L blew off the sign - probably because 364 days of the year here is spent in 30 knots winds, it’s also a pretty spectacular place when you take the time to drive off the highway as you drive down the east coast and into its many beaches it might have you BLOWEN away.

Bowen is famous for many things - the Bowen mango (of course, and if you’re about in summer it’ll have you drooling at the mouth), the filming of Australia movie (or a very brief part of it anyway, which Bowen claimed for fame for many years - even having a ten foot BOWENWOOD sign featured on a water tank as you drove into town until a recent time ago), it’s jochiems pies (or that might just be my old mans love) - returning to previous statement they also have a pie called the hugh jackman pie in reflection of the Australia filming in town, and of course - famous for it’a seasonal fruit picking, which we’ve learnt is a competitive and damn hard going yakka.

If you just sat down to a nice tomato salad and thought damn this tomato is juicy…well our mate bardsy might have just worked her ass off on her 150th tomato bucket for the day to get you that juicy fruit, and that’s exactly why we pulled into Bowen to do - hear the yarns of bardsy the farmer, and of course see our legend mate Hambo who had also recently got herself a rockin’ van to set sail in, and her mate Tom!

We had a ripper night cooking veggies on the Barbie at rose bay, sipping on stones and yarning away, while watching hambo and bardsy put the hoola in the hoop, before then waking up the next morning and hiking from horseshoe to rose bay. If you’re driving down the east coast - take a detour to these beaches, and you won’t be understating BOWENWOOD for much longer.