Top of jourama falls / by Ethan Astall

Jourama falls is a short walking trail that leads you to some swimming holes and a look out which gives you an overview of this multi tiered waterfall. Some with the adventurous mind our brains always seems to see something and want to climb it. Looking here I immediately thought “how do I get to the top” a couple of years ago.

Returning now and with a bit of research it seems the local bush walking groups have scouted a way up there.

As you reach the top viewing platform look to your right and you will see a goat track in the grass winding up the rocky hill, follow this. After about ten minutes you will start to see yellow arrow markers nailed to trees and pink ribbons marking your way ahead.

Continue to follow these until you reach the top the ridge which could be an awesome spot for an over night camp or sunrise. Down the end of this landing you will see more markers and tape, this track traverses you through the bush and long grass and on to the top of the falls and some amazing rock pools.

The track is well worn and with a bit of bush walking common sense you’ll be able to achieve this no worries!! Take ya togs, some food and water, it took us and hour to get up there and 45 minutes to get back down.