Murray Falls and Tully / by Ethan Astall

Heading north along the Bruce highway will send you to a waterfall of overwhelment - literally. Once you pass Cardwell, almost every 20kms there is a turn off for a swimming hole, a waterfall, a national park or some roadside banana stall. We did a little search en route and took a turn into Murray falls, only 20kms off the highway, it seemed warranted.

With a Stella gushing waterfall leading down to a boulder filled swimming hole, set behind a huge open space camp ground it was a pretty good lookin’ spot, but what we found next was better then any waterfall we could ever chase.

Getting into the van to leave, we noticed a dude full of dreadlocks in a red commodore station wagon giving us the shakkas to the “adventure before dementia” written in the dirt of our back windscreens. Obviously we both engaged in conversation with this legend who turned out to be; Josef - nearing 60 year old, free loving nomadic gypsy who’s certainly, when asked where he comes from the reply is - the mother of the universe, but as per his mother and father of this life - born in pensylvania, USA. Josef has sailed the seven seas for twenty years in order to pay his travels around the world, he is a strong believer that vegetenarinism is the closest thing to saving this planet, we are so close to destroying and is certain the animals only come out at night now to hide from us humans, we told him he was a legend... to which-  he replied, we all are.

From there we headed to the wettest town in Australia - Tully “a pretty wet place”, (can confirm it was raining) a place no ones ever dreamt of going, but some how ends up stuck in the mud one way or another, if heading north. Tully is well known for its fruit picking and the river rafting at Tully gorge (real hot options…if you’re a backpacker), but not a great deal else - except of course, The big golden gumboot, which stands 8m tall and is deemed to be the highest recorded rainfall in the town - you’ve gotta own what you got, I guess…