Tully Gorge / by Ethan Astall

Determined we would not allow the rain to defeat us, we headed to get above the clouds in Tully gorge lookout to spend the night and fell asleep to the rain pattering on the roof all night. We woke up ready to take on the Tully trek to the top of the gorge we had read about - with no idea of how long it was or what it endured, we put on our wet socks and muddy clothes and hit the mud.

Don’t be fooled on finding this place (as I have been on the last visit to find this spot) - Tully gorge is a HUGE national park which can be entered from Tully (a pretty wet place) OR Ravenshoe near the Atherton tablelands and it CANNOT be driven all the way through from either side which are over 100km apart.

From the Tully gorge lookout we took the trek to the right called the rainforest walk, continue to dredge through the mud until it says “end of track”, to the left is a huge creek (with a warning sign that within two minutes of rain - you will drown) which has a little path following along it back to the left, and through the fog we found huge bouldering rocks which then overlook the gorge. However not ideally planned, after the rain - a thick layer of algae covered the 100m of rocks we needed to stumble over to get to the edge, we finally got to the edge with a thick layer of clouds covering the gorge.