Nandroya Falls and Milla Milla Falls / by Ethan Astall

Nandroya falls can be found on the drive towards milla milla heading into the Atherton table lands, the 4km in and out track takes you through dense rainforest. We tackled this one after doing wallacha with it flogging rain and fog everywhere but we were heavily rewarded.

The track brings you out at this amazing water and due to it being a bit of a trek there was no body else around. Do a 180 and you’ll find yourself looking at this massive Albizia or a “rain tree” these tree can grow up to 80m tall and given the right conditions this one isn’t to far off. Amongst its branches various epiphytes have found there homes, such as bird nest ferns, basket ferns, elk horns and strangler figs.

The next stop in the rain was Milla Milla falls an instagram favourite and major tourist attraction.

On our way to Tully Gorge we stopped in and had a quick look at windy hill, Queensland’s biggest wind farm.