Tchupala Falls and Wallacha Falls / by Ethan Astall

Waking up on the third day of exploring far North Queensland, and in true far North Queensland style, it was raining - “they get more rain up here in twelve months, then some places get in a year” (the Coight/the legend). Obviously the best place to be was the rainforest - we headed for the inland route through the tablelands to loop back to cairns, which turns off at Innisfail (“green, like you’ve never seen” - is the sign welcoming you into town thanks to all the rainfall) and heads towards Wooroonooran national park.

Again, at every turn is another hike to a waterfall, we stopped at tchupula and Wallacha initially, Wallachu falls was around 1.5 km of easy walking one way through thick rainforest to a large cascading waterfall. Walking back to the junction to tee off to tchupula was something else, the track there was also thick, luscious rainforest which once you get to where the falls begin is a sign to say the track is closed, and once you get over the fence you can understand why, this track hasn’t been maintained by parks in some time, it’s like an abandoned forest has overgrown the old cement staircase and created something even more impressive then the natural waterfall dropping infront if you.