Lambs Head Hike / by Ethan Astall

We woke up to the sun shining ( a miracle in FNQ ) and we’re headed for the general direction of cairns - along the way we noticed Dinden national park along Davies creek road, about twenty kms along this road from Mareeba - We’d talked about doing a hike called lambs head before with minimal real knowledge on it, we decided to do it anyway, getting to the walk sign it says 12 km circuit return and judging from the flat line around it- looked simple, right?

HOLY HECK, unsure if gradual Incline or random increments of ankle snapping steepness are better- but this one has the latter, and about 4kms of it to be precise. The trek up the hill was mentally hard - more so, as we hadn’t researched it’s difficulty or prepared for it, and at every steep come to, said “THIS HAS GOT TO BE IT”, but the flora and fauna was not to be beaten. The start of the trek was a maze of casuarina and eucs and as you get gradually further up the vertical hill it transforms into thick, tropical rainforest with moss growing over the bouldering rocks of the top, ferns towering the canopies and strangler figs taking hold on any plant they can call home.

We pulled up at the top - surrounded by cloud, but none the less, still an epic view to be had, pulled up on a piece of (what looked like moon) for cheese and crackers (grommit) and had some lunch, before the litres of sweat became ice on our back in the clouds and headed for the further 10kms tredge back down the circuit trail to the car park, taking some of our own bark off slipping in the mud on the slide down the hill, six hours later…we were home.