Mareeba Drive In / by Ethan Astall

The idea of a long haired yahoo, pulling up at your mums house in a campervan to take your daughter to the drive in has mum and dads of the 80s quivering everywhere, but here we are having a bloody good time over a bottle of stones.

Mareeba (preferred way of saying is AREEBA, with an M) is at the northern side of the tablelands, it’s the dryer side of the area and claims to have 265 days of sunshine a year - the wettest part about it, is the locals (as the dude at the bottlo told us). Not a great deal going around the place - except of a weekend…the local drive in put on two movies a night for $14! which includes camping under the bloody Milky Way!! HOW BLOODY GOOD!!!

We cooked up some on sale chicken Kiev, drank some stones, patted some doggos and watched detective pikachu, what more could you want!