Fitzroy Island / by Ethan Astall

Do you want to escape the tourist themed junk stores and strange “full troppo” fever atmosphere that engulfs cairns city?

Just a short 30km swim or crocodile ride from the centre of the bustling city of Cairns, sits Fitzroy island national park, a central island resort surrounded by rainforest and fringing reef (and also too many tourists still).

The idea of staying in a (maybe) 3 star resort surrounded by international staff wasn’t really the draw card for us, the best part about the place is the camp grounds offered just a short stroll away - for $37 you can have yourself a grassy shaded spot 20m stroll away from the water with bbqs and showers (Ice cold). It was more our $10 Kmart tent style, who needs aircon when you’ve still got air holes in your tent from the great nibbling mice of Hinchinbrook island.

Much to our surprise, the fringing reef surrounding the island has crystal clear waters with some pretty epic coral bommies that are home to some happy little reef fish and huge green sea turtles who are more then happy to float about and have a sticky beak at you blowing bubbles gasping for more sea time.

The main hike of the island and real only small challenge is the summit walk, which treks through rainforest and scrubland to the highest peak of 290m elevation and puts on a pretty bloody good sunrise, pack ya bread and butter and treat yourself to a continental brekky up top as the colours of the sky light up another fab winters day in the tropical north.