Daintree Waterfall / by Ethan Astall

“Find the blue hole, follow the stream about two hours, only taking right turns when the creek forks, swim across a 12m deep creek and you’ll find yourself at the waterfall of the Daintree” - the words of a mysterious woman we passed on our rock hop up the stream, moral of the story is - don’t trust the strange passer by for directions, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Follow the blue hole up the stream about 3km - keeping tallies on who falls over the most while clambering over the slippery rocks and you’ll be beneath a 100 m drop waterfall with towering canopies of thick rainforest above you, with not another person in sight while realising there’s not only one “blue hole” in the Daintree - there’s a whole creek system of them, all equally as tantalising to get naked in - just as the European backpackers we passed thought.