Agnes Waters by Ethan Astall

After the past week of catching up with friends we stopped in at a sleeping little town north of Hervey Bay called Agnes waters for a few days of winding down and catching up on some editing. A couple of surf spots, a skatepark, op shop and markets on the Sunday and predicted sunny weather we were frothing to check this place out.

The first night saw us perched up at the headland at 1770 as majority of the spots we stay the night it says no camping but we weren’t bothered by anyone the first or second night. On your way out of town heading south you will come across a car park that reads “Reedy Creek”. Not much so a creek this little loop trail takes you on a 400m circuit through vine and fern covered tea tree paper bark trees. From here we headed back down the road to a beach called chinamens to spend the day.

The following morning we hit the markets and got a few bargain Avo’s for $1 each, HOT LOCAL DEALS!. Amped on such a saving we headed to the skatepark for a roll around. Whilst there we were approached by a bloke named Will, he’d spent most of this life living here and proceeded with some stories of being a mad keen skater and surfer back in his hay day.

That afternoon we perched atop Aceo for a nice little sunset and a bottle of Londons finest and cheapest ginger wine.