Ethan Astall

• 25 • Hamilton Island • Sony A6300/A7s •  

At the age of 16 I picked up a camera and simply started shooting everything my mates and I did, documenting everything that went on; body boarding, surfing, skating, stupid antics etc. From that a passion grew that had never existed in myself personally before, everywhere I went I took the camera with me. Iv documented my life since then and when looking back at my images I can paint pictures in my mind of my experiences, memories and feelings associated with each shot. 

To me creativity is influenced by your enthusiasm towards a passion, photography has driven me to travel, grow and learn things about myself and push me personally to think outside the box to be my own person. This website is a display of all my best work iv shot and all the amazing people iv shared it with along the way, as well as an updated blog about what i'm getting up to.

After working on Hamilton Island for two years and saving my pennys I bought a Toyota Hiace and turned it into a camper with my partner Elousie. We are currently traveling around Australia and seeing and doing all there is to do!

If my work is something you'd like hanging on your wall, if you'd like to know about the places iv shot, if you'v got any questions about anything or simply just want to chat then send me a message via the contact section. 

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